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10 Most Popular Web Fonts

fontsChoosing the right font can make your website perfect. However, choosing the wrong font can also cost you customers. There are many different fonts that are quite popular all over the internet. When it comes to deciding which is the best for your site, take a look around and find a font you like. Here are some real solid places to start, in no particular order.


If you want a simple to read font with a little bit of personality, check out Fontin. It is very easy to read, but it isn’t so plain that it looks like you typed it out on an old fashioned typewriter.


This font is increasingly popular all over the internet. It is easy to read when plain, italicized, and bold, and it helps your website stand out from those only using the standard serif font.


This font is quite round, but very simplistic in its styling. There are some curvy characteristics to the letters, but none of them are so scripted that they become difficult to read. This is one of the fonts that is growing in popularity the quickest.


If you want a font that is easy to read but has a unique personality, Ubuntu may be the perfect font to turn to. It cuts off the tails of many of its letters, but still remains simplistic in style and clear to read.


For those seeking out a slightly scripted font that gives both personality and style, Lobster is a route to consider. It curls around to show off, but stays simple enough to be easily read through all parts of a website’s content.


When your website needs to have all of the items in caps, you may want to consider Franchise. It’s simplistic, but elegant, and keeps everything on your website looking structured and organized.


This font is very simple in its styling, but very elegant when used in a website’s content. It can be hard to read if the font is left small or not bolded, but if the font is left larger, it is simple for many different uses.


This font is very popular on many websites currently due to its ease of use and personalized style. It looks pretty on most backgrounds, but is not so feminine that it’s not universally applicable.


Gotham is a font that can easily be customized on many different websites. It has different looks for italics, which makes it appear almost like a new font, without having to change the font originally chosen. This versatile font can be placed on almost any type of current website.

Open Sans

If you happen to prefer the typewriter look, or your site has something to do with writing, then there is no better font to go with than open sans. This font is easy to read under any circumstance, and it gives a very plain look to sites that could otherwise appear cluttered.







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