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Social Media and its Effect on Search Engines Ranks

social-media2Social media has become one of the most important marketing tools out there. Businesses across the globe are utilizing it widely and so should you. It can significantly affect your rank on search engines, and if you can somehow use it the right way, you will be able to increase your online visibility. What makes us say this? Because social media is considered a vital part of search engine success factors and if you want a better rank, you will have to use them well.

Here we present some of the most fundamental ways in which social media is affecting your rank and contributing to your SEO purposes.

Social shares can be used for link building

Search engines consider link building to determine if your website is valuable and provides quality information. You would already have used it for acquiring a better rank. Traditionally, this was done through blogs and articles, but now things are turning towards a change. Link building is now based on developing content and then sharing it on social networking sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. These links are then used by search engines to determine the credibility of your website and accordingly a rank is allotted.

As an example, if there is a link that has been tweeted a lot will be more visible than one which was never tweeted. The reason behind this is that the tweeted link contained valuable content and so was shared more.

So if want a better rank, share your content on social media and gain traffic from there and from search engines later on. And remember you content must be valuable and engaging.

Google Author Rank increases your website’s credibility

Google has a feature which allows you link your content with your bio and account. This integration is then used by search engines. Include the rel=”author” tag in the HTML code of your website and this will connect with the bio given on your Google page. The website will also appear on your profile then. Now when search engines receive relevant queries, your author listing is also displayed.

The Author Rank feature is important for building your website credibility. Implement it and you will gain a higher visibility.

Social media shares can increase indexing speed

As already mentioned, social shares are important. Thus if there are more links to your website, search engines will index this content in their rankings at a faster speed. When you use social media, it does not take much time for a link to become viral. This significantly improves the indexation speed. Factors such as the number of people who shared the content, the time period in which it achieved these shares and the influence of the sharers are also considered.

If your content is shared or retweeted extensively, you can decrease the indexation time by as much as 50%.  As for the time which Googlebot takes to find the content, that is reduced to just 2 seconds from 2 hours.

Social followers can improve your ranks directly

The number of followers and connections which you have on social media make another significant contribution to the rank. Just keep one thing in mind; it is not just this number that is important, there are other things as well. While you should have more connections, they should be characterized by quality. Having spam followers will not help your rank.

Generally, if your connection is another reputed company or some of their representatives, you will be able to benefit your rank more than if your followers are just ordinary people with hardly any connections.



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